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But this brief list from Wikipedia is all on his ability.

I think she's very hot, it's too bad she didn't stick with GC, she was the queen on that channel and was adored by millions every day, now she's non-existent, bad move on her part but I guess it was worth a swing to be more.

Holly can't move freely in that getup - it's all about "See me! Wasn't she even on a cover of a golf magazine? Just because woman call me simple doesn't mean it's the case. Can you say downhill? It's funny she is very unattractive in person. Post your lesbian. Amanda balionis naked. Next thing you're gonna tell me is the best movies always win the oscars right?

But it's apparent that she did not agree with my evaluaiton of her skills, and she concentrated on the cosmetic portion of her presentation. I thought that stuff happened only in the movies.

Does absolutely nothing for me. A movable weight would come in handy I agree, you see more and more "moderately attractive" women in the news it seems. Looking at women who appear as golf analysts, there are some who are not as attractive as Holly. I am very proud of her. It is part of what they are or were selling - sexual attraction. More money for less work. Nicole laliberte nude pics. How they are dressed, if at all, is although rarely inappropriate.

Until Fox fires her I would say she is winning. I never liked him and wondered what happened to him. Made millions off her looks. A great many very attractive and none that I saw had skin tight dresses on while on the show floor.

And for all I know she may be the nicest person but she chose to do this and this is imo the result. My feelings for people like Holly are much the same. So because she dresses the way she does, she's asking for it? Some people love giant fake cans and tons of make up. Despite the numerous gossips about the couple getting divorced, they never opt out for separation; even though there were trust issues, they coped up with each other.

Maybe she is actually a nice person at heart just in a very competitive Business that requires drastic measures in her mind to stand out from the crowd. I'd rather see or hear Holly doing the shot than the girl from CBS.

I prefer that too but hideous and abomination is a bit strong don't you think? I don't see what all the fuss is about. I would never imply that you would cheat on your wife.

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I mean same rules apply in that thread as this one right? Way too much of that. Like, the boss or the best friend etc. Fetish escort agency. I will openly admit that Holly Sanders is still an attractive woman.

The same Fox who would not let their female anchors wear pants until just recently. Sent from my XT using Tapatalk. Is that what you think Holly was saying to you in Post 70? I thought that stuff happened only in the movies. More power to them. Was she at the U. Next time the childish stuff comes up, we will go the childish route and just force the move along. Again, I apologize about the nature of my post. Criss angel naked. Amanda balionis naked. All my point is. I don't even want to go there She's 48 and looks amazing.

Then they put up the name as Holly Sanders and I was like "Geez, the plastic surgeon has not been kind to her.! Why is this thread still going on? More money for less work. I think we do agree on these matters, I was mostly questioning the comments seen here that the dresses she wears in the studio would be inappropriate not your comments if i recall correctly.

I don't think abomination is too strong of a word as it appears she's nearing Joan rivers territory. That said still prettier than plenty others. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I remember one guy on NY radio that might have even been fired over it, said that one of the female sideline reporters was 10 lbs away from being a server at a pizza place. I prefer a more natural look. I mean I suppose there is no reason for people to hate on her for it or even poke fun of her.

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I never intended it to be considered as a personal attack or some kind of 'holier than thou' statement. Sara stone big tit patrol. This is a discussion board and we're human. Though with a lot of controversies in the Medias, she has successfully maintained her positions as a reputed golf personality.

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