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Plenty of people hate this cow and post here. Sexy girl shaking ass. Stop shitting the thread and if I were you, I'd get them nips fixed.

Since they're all at the con, guess they aren't the ones posting here after all. Kay bear nude pics. That sweater bullshit got me heated enough to pull pledges. Please remove yourself from society if you think any of the popular cosplayers are anymore than soft porn for nerds. Case in point your post here: All her self whiteknight devolves down to her delusion that she's the most beautiful woman in the world even after fucking herself with multiple plastic surgeries that make her look like a dried up suburban mom desperately clinging to her youth.

Swimsuit seriously go get killed by a bus. Probably a disgruntled fan who didn't get enough attention like the crazy dude who posted that novel a few days ago. It's one thing to lie or be private about plastic surgery jobs, but the hypocrisy of spreading false rumors and shit talking others for the exact same thing she has done is what bothers most people.

Both of them got nosejobs and boobjobs but only Nigri is making good on the investment. This is the face of mental illness, I even cut out Momo because that bitch and the fans she attracts are the dregs of society. Wedding cake naked. And you're wasting it. We all know it but this insane cow wont stop playing pretend until she's fully exposed. Most of the time half the posts in her threads are psycho whiteknighty posts and threats towards Kay.

Patreon are fake as fuck. And you are all alone in this. You gave a great idea though about starting a thread but as you said they are nobody's and the attention they seek on an anon board is all they'll ever have. Follow Us On free 18 teen video playboy playmates naked pics video teen porno gratis lebanon sex with animals free ebony granny porn wwe maryse nude pics.

That's what you call a black market boob job. I dont give a fuck. I don't understand why these people think they are so important to cosplay when there are literally hundreds better out there. Should be really easy, cause I am sure you have them all saved. I was morbidly curious if she had vag shots. PNG Yeah Kay you are now lick this pussy. Big tit latina solo. Do you want to rob yourself of that possibility by being a complete idiot in your 20's? Or is that a comment to her Jewish heritage? It doesn't but it's the only way she could have any class.

Luna, get help and stop stalking these other girls on the internet. Admin, please mark the IP s. JPG Kay's been projecting since she started this plugfest and you know she's has this up her poophole look at the goosebumps. If that cockeyed nip pic is fake, then you'd jump at the chance to prove It by posting the original. Should they be ok with it?

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Anyone know anything about this? Hey Kay did you met him at the strip club like your mom met all your daddies and uncles? If you want to post here, be fucking logical, follow the rules, and contribute quality commentary and opinions.

Cuz there's nothing I see that appears to be a meltdown for her…. Saggy ebony tits. PNG Am I a pretty girl. PNG Anyone who thinks this is beautiful is fucking mental and must be on drugs. Most of the time half the posts in her threads are psycho whiteknighty posts and threats towards Kay. I think Luna is literally stalking her. I don't get why you waste your talent being a bully. Kay bear nude pics. If people actually though SSS or Kay were that shitty, they would make a thread. As of right now, Luna is on the level. Stripers nude pics. But they don't stick fur up their asses.

You are so dumb. Get over it cunts she acts better than you because she is, deal with it you uneducated sex workers. It's clearly being pressed as hard as possible against her tits Try harder next time. No one is kissing her ass. Listen kiddo, you have no idea who I am. Does that alone make her a bad person? He's so fucking weird that after a year and a half he still tries to stalk her shit and talks it on his twitter with his ex tranny girlfriend who inserts herself into every fucking thread whether she's brought up or not.

So much cringe here. We ALL see you. Lesbian satin porn. Shitty lighting and the writing looks like someone slapped it on in MS paint. Years ago you'd never see camgirls and escorts being pushed so hard. She used to call herself an actor before she realized she has NO talent even after paying big bucks with mommy divorce money and just went porn model. But I wouldn't doubt it. It must really eat you up how much attention they're getting at katsucon while you just sit at home refreshing their instagram and saving photos of Kay.

It's so obvious the people reviving these threads are the real bullies and who cares enough to make a fake twitter to harass someone lol. Probably trying to stick up for her and ride her curtails to fame. A lot of people use that term online nowadays I don't agree with it but the internet is not a PC place.

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It looks so tacky! Stella is a stripper and deviant. It's like their c cups? I don't understand why these people think they are so important to cosplay when there are literally hundreds better out there.

I wonder if the fat fucker is still vegan lol. Big outdoor tits. No one would be surprised if Moomoo bots follows since she has with every other social media, but I don't think Kay does. If you have problems with someone be an adult instead of ruining this community. Hd russian lesbian When's the last time that happened to you fatties.

This bitch has the worst shops I've ever seen. Point is everyone knows you are anything can't get verified and work for free. Nice try though but you all are still low tier porn creators without real popularity lmfao. Oh right your dumb bitch just moved to a new place in Nashville.

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